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Activities At Big Meadows 2024!

July 2024

Upcoming Events

All of the fun things happening in July!

July 2024

We love it when Rudy the Dancer comes for a vist!

Everyone dancing and having a good time.

July 2024

The Guys had a great time fishing at Marquette park this week!

They caught 4 fish and watched the Twilight pass by.

July 2024

A look inside the Connections unit.

Talented staff create a bright, sunshiny day!

June 2024

We Love It When The Sun Shines!

Residents enjoying the sun!

June 2024

Congratulations to all the 2024 Graduates! Our residents (and Staff members) have some advice to share.


June 2024

We had flowers delivered from River Valley Designs!

They look beautiful.

May 2024


Big Meadows 2024 Prom Theme was Under the Sea. The King and Queen are King Ralph S. and Queen Diane K.

May 2024

Here at Big Meadows we would like to wish our high school graduates well in the future endeavors.

The list of graduates are as follow: Sophia Arioso, Kaci Johnson, Brianna Barrigan, Alex Robbins, Kaeila Burns, Kendall White, and Sadie Collins. Congratulations!!

May 2024


Big Meadows hopes to see you at these events.

April 2024

Easter Bonnets!

The Connections Unit making Easter Bonnet. We See Ruth R., Donna W., Violet M., and Dorothy T. They had fun and look Beautiful. We also have some ladies from the Long Term Care Side joining in the fun with making Easter Bonnets as well. Here we have Judy L., Kathy V., and Laura M.

April 2024

St. Patrick's Day!

In The month of March we have St. Patrick's Day, so we decided to color some paper hats for the day.

April 2024

Social Services Week.

Here's to our Social Services Team during Social Services Week. Trinity Soloman (Unit Director and Social Servies) and Kyle Marburger (Social Services LTC)

March 2024


Sweet Memories came in and did Karaoke with the residents at the birthday party, which was celebrating February birthdays at Big Meadows. But even the staff joined in.

March 2024

Paint and Sip Activity went off like a hitch!

Thank you to our MDS Coordinator Michelle Boyer that headed up the class for our residents. Her helpers were Nurse Mary Jane and Activities aid Bev Mootz. Everyone loved the activity and their pictures are wonderful. What a great memory to have.

March 2024

Thank you to Dalene Skimhorn!

One of the residents family member who brought in donuts for each of the residents for Valentine’s Day. Now that is “sweet”!

February 2024


For Big Meadows New Year’s Eve Party, we had Casino Night.

February 2024


Dave Allen perform for our residents. Thank you Dave!

February 2024


Thank you to our Activity Department. Bev, Nikki, and Jen you are appreciated.

February 2024


Thanks to Neumiller Farms for donating the potatoes for our potato bar that was being served for Activities week.

January 2024


Big Meadows would like to send out a BIG THANK YOU to all of those who donated to our residents during this Christmas holiday of 2023 from our Savanna Community. We appreciate you!!

January 2024


A few residents grateful and enjoying the items that were donated to them.

January 2024


Thank you to our ADON Teena Franzen for our Remembrance Tree in honor of her mother Rita J. that we lost in November. Each orna-ment had a resident we have lost this year in an angel wing frame ornament on the tree with a red cardinal as the tree topper.

January 2024


The Residents Enjoying the party.

Activities At Big Meadows 2023!

December 2023

Men's Lunch

Men’s Lunch went well once again. The men resident’s re-quested to have a Thanksgiving Feast. And they got it. Thank you to all that that helped to make this happen along with bringing in food for the event.

December 2023

Ladies Brunch

Ladies asked for what they wanted and they got it. Everyone was happy.

December 2023

Festival of Trees

Mary Jane Jacobs and Jennifer Boyer decorating the Big Meadow Tree Down-town Savanna.

December 2023

It’s A Pumpkin Bake Off!!

In First place Ginna Shellhammer. Then in second place we have Trinity Solomon. Finally we have Mary Jane Jacobs in third place.

November 2023

Haunted House!

For the haunted house this year, there was a lot of planning and discussions, along with many shenanigans going on for this year's event.

November 2023


These are a few highlights from two groups that attended on two different days. Residents had a blast and were happy to be out and about. Thank you to the staff that went along to help and were able to enjoy the day out as well.

October 2023

Happy Grandparent’s Day!

Here are a few residents who got cards from the Sunday School children at First Methodist Church Methodist Church in Savanna, and also from the Thomson Library and Jamie McCombie.

Baking with the Ladies! The turnovers and red velvet cupcakes were delicious. The ladies had an amazing time baking and socializing with everyone.

September 2023


A special appearance by Rosie (Cori Moore’s pet) made the day for so many of our residents. Big Meadow’s Activity Director Nikki P. was walking Rosie around for a visit with everyone. Residents had a great time throwing the ball around and even getting some dog kisses. It was a sweet day for Rosie and all who were involved, and the best therapy for the residents.

August 2023


Over the course of the time it was showing, employees and residents took turns going to see the production. An amazing time for everyone who was able to attend. A lot of singing was heard from our groups.

A HUGE thank you to Timberlake for accommodating our groups!

July 2023


Over the course of the time it was showing, employees and residents took turns going to see the production. An amazing time for everyone who was able to attend. A lot of singing was heard from our groups.

A HUGE thank you to Timberlake for accommodating our groups!

We can’t wait to head back for The Sound of Music!

June 2023

The fish tank for the front lobby has arrived. The residents have been enjoying them so much!

Stop on your way in for your visit and have a look at all the colorful fish and see how many you can identify!

Lee Dohse was here on May 29th to entertain the residents. Everyone enjoyed his singing voice.

If you or someone you know has a talent to share, give us a call. We would love to see if our schedules line up for you to entertain everyone!

May 2023

On Wednesday, April 19 we hosted PROM! The theme was “Wild Nights”

We crowned a King & Queen. Joe & Sandy were crowned with those honors!

Men's Luncheon met on Wednesday, April 5th. They enjoyed burgers and fries.

The fellowship is great for them all. Thank you to all the men who take time out of their days to make sure this even takes place each month!

April 2023

The residents just love the birds, so we got fish!! Each side will end up with a tank. Here is the tank on the Connections Unit.

So far it is providing entertainment for the residents to watch the fish come in and out of the foliage and formations.

We are very blessed to have some very talented staff members here. They love to decorate where they can with normal everyday items.

Here you can see how cardboard was used to make Easter décor! Very talented and much appreciated work by those involved.

March 2023

On Sunday, February 5th we held a ‘Red Hat Ladies Day Luncheon”.

It was a beautiful and fun day of fellowship. Plenty of Food and drinks.

A wonderful time was had by all who participated.

February was cake month.

We decided to have a little friendly competition amongst staff with a ‘Bake Off’. The judges panel had some hard work cut out for them as they sampled each one. Michelle B, Tonya, and Benelli all took home a medal for their amazing cakes.

Congratulations to Tonya for her 100% from scratch winner!!

February 2023

Every month “Sweet Memories” come to entertain the residents. They sing & dance to all types of hits. Even residents and staff enjoy “cutting a rug” once in awhile.

January 2023

The staff always do an amazing job decorating the building for holidays. The residents party was a huge hit! Everyone had wonderful snacks, opened presents, had a visit with Santa, most of all enjoyed fellowship with each other!

River Valley Designs pays it forward every chance they get, and we are honored by their generosity. For Christmas every single resident received a beautiful arrangement of flowers for their room. Not only are they stunning but they provide so many smiles to everyone.